Sunday, August 30, 2009

Turkish for Travelers

I just went to the King County Library's website to see if they had a book about Buddhism, since I've been into learning about religions recently. Well I saw they had "Buddhism for Dummies" and 5/8 copies are checked out, but 3/5 of "Islam for Dummies" are checked out. Personally, I think more people need to be reading about Islam so they have something to counteract the Fox News view point than reading about Buddhism so they can be like their favorite cool movie stars who are Buddhist.

By the way, if you're looking for a good book on Islam, skip reading "The Politically Incorrect Guide to Islam (and the Crusades)" by Robert Spencer.'s pretty obviously biased and when you look at the other books in the series you can see they it's not just trying to be straight forward but they do have an agenda, and it isn't pro Islam to say the least. I won't say the book outright lies about Islam, but it's very misleading in that it leaves out important details, such as historical context for one. Also, the little side boxes of "Jesus vs. Muhammad" are pretty ridiculous.

I went to a Turkish for Travelers class yesterday at the Rick Steve's Travel Center. It was fun, but I felt really bad for my husband. He got up after only a few hours of sleep to go with me, and was a gumpy-potamus. Well he thought it was at the Edmonds Art Center or something like that and it wasn't, so we checked the e-mail and it said at the Edmonds Theater. We drive over there and because there was a Farmer's Market there was no parking. He dropped me off at the door and drives off to park. I stick my head in the theater and ask if the class is there and a lady told me there's a Turkish class at the Rick Steve's Travel Center, which was just around the corner. So I walk over, thinking that he would be told the same thing when he showed up. I didn't want to wait since it was like 12:02 and we were late already. I also didn't have my cell phone, so I couldn't call him or anything. Well I get to the class and it started a couple minutes late. I kept looking back expecting to see my husband walk in the door...nope. The class went over, until like 1:45...and then he came in. He was mad, to say the least. He had been waiting outside the theater for like an hour and a half :( Too bad he didn't call the phone number on the e-mail confirmation to find out where it was.... I guess I should have waited for him, but I thought he would figure out it was there. I guess he even walked right past the travel center where they had a sign at the front door about the class and just didn't see it. So yeah...I felt bad about that.

At least we got an invitation to a Turkish Iftar dinner tomorrow night! It's like "Iftar for Americans", so white people can see brown people eat really, really fast and eat some good food too. Mmmm I love Turkish food!

We were supposed to go golfing today...but Jason's still in bed...I doubt it'll happen now. Oh well.

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