Sunday, September 13, 2009

One more thing....

So I have one more thing that's been bugging me which I'm going to write about before I go to bed. I just got a facebook message from this friend of mine:


don't the democrats have a veto-proof majority in the senate?

if so, I fail to see why republicans should be blamed for failure on healthcare reform
I don't know if they do now that Kennedy passed away
Plus I think that even if they do have the veto proof majority it's pretty douchy to just pass it through without trying to work things out with the other half of congress"

It always seems like this guy is trying to trap me into saying something about the Democrats. I honestly don't even know what he's doing.... After I wrote that I saw he was "typing" and didn't actually say anything, then signed off a few minutes later. Wtf?! It's so rude...every week or two he'll send me a message about how the Democrats did something wrong or this and that and tries to make me feel like a bad person about it. I just don't get it. Yes, I'm vocal about my opinions, I post links to articles when I don't agree with something the Republicans or conservatives or anyone else has done, but I don't harass him in facebook messages! We used to get along a lot better, but last year he went to DC to work on the McCain campaign (he's Canadian...kinda strange...I know) and ever since then things have been like this. It's like he takes it personally that I find Sarah Palin to be completely insuferable and completely unqualified to lead our country. I would never take someone's political opinions personally. Everyone has a right to their beliefs and I respect that. Sure I don't agree with a lot of the things the Republican party has been doing in recent years but I think there are still good people in the party and I don't hate anyone who affiliates with them.

The other thing I think is sort of weird is I think he might have converted to Christianity (he was a Muslim the last time I checked). I have no idea if that has anything to do with any of this, I won't assume that it does, but it makes me wonder a little if he was drinking the Kool-aid at party meetings....

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