Sunday, September 13, 2009

Today and New York

I was making my sandwich for lunch tomorrow and had some ideas for a post...but then I forgot :-/

My husband and I went to a friend's house today to watch the Seahawk's game. Yeah, I'm not really into football...but when Seattle basically sucks at everything athletic you have to be a little proud when a team wins 28-0. I guess that's what happens when it's rainy and overcast 9 months of the year; the only thing you're any good at is swimming...or being a duck.

The son of the couple who we were visiting was soooo cute! He's 2, but he's really big for his age so I would have thought he was about 3. My husband got up from his chair for some reason and the kid sat in it next to me for a few seconds then he got up to play. When my husband came back he sat in the chair and the kid went "NO! That's my chair!". It was so funny, he was fighting my husband for the chair and basically shoved my husband over to sit on it too.

I always feel old when I go to things like that. I don't know why though, I really should feel young. I'm always the youngest person there (since it was all friend my husband knew first and he's about 3 1/2 years older than me), but everyone else has kids or is having kids, so I sort of feel like I'm older because I'm hanging around older people I suppose. I guess that's why I get for marrying an older man!

Speaking of my husband, he has an interview tomorrow! Omg I hope he does well...I'm really, really, really tied of us working opposite schedules. We haven't had a weekend off together in almost a year :-( If he gets the job though, that means we're moving to New York! The irony of this blog's title will be increased 10 fold if that happens! I'm still a little against moving to NY, but as time goes on (this application process has taken a couple weeks already), I'm getting more and more excited.

New York Pros and Cons:

+ Lots of cool things to go in NY
- I will miss the cool things to do in Seattle
+ Flights to Europe will be cheaper and shorter
- Flights to Asia will be longer...even though I haven't been to Asia yet
+ Lots of halal markets!
- Not so many Asian restaurants
+ Meeting new people
- Missing old friends
- Cost of living is expensive in NY
+ Cost of living is expensive in Seattle
- I definitly don't have a chance at getting a garden
+ Better public transportation. Yay for the subway!
- I would be away from my family
+ I would be away from certain members of my family

Basically, it would be a great job for Jason and an opportunity for me to get into a field I want to. Hopefully I can find a position at a museum, that would be fantastic. I guess we'll see how things go though.

Finally, Kanye West you are a d-bag for ruining that poor girl's night!

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