Saturday, September 12, 2009

Words in Bible and Quran

I just saw this really interesting list posted as a comment on youtube.

"The bible and Quran
Sword:Bible 400, Quran 1(to describe an oppressor)
Kill:Bible 400, Quran 8 (part of do not)
Stone? to death:Bible 20, Quran 0
war:Bible 137,Quran 22
Battle:Bible 208, Quran 2
Sex:Bible 50, Quran 3 (2 for gender 1 part of do not)
Prostitute:Bible 74, Quran 0
Whore:Bible 65 (kjv),Quran 0
mistress:Bible 8,Quran 0
Virgin:Bible 54,Quran 1(as part of pure)
"eat dung drink piss":Bible 2,Quran 0
Mercy:B 124, Q 164
Merciful:B 21Q 219Gracious:B 46, Q 264 Charity:B 0, Q 62 "

Granted, the Bible is longer than the Quran, but I still think it's pretty interesting. I'm curious about the "sex" part of it. Yeah, you know me, always about the sex hahaha. Anyway, it's interesting because it is referred to in the Quran just from the little reading of it I have gotten through so far, but not always directly using the word, so I'm wondering about the comparison of not the literal word but the act and if it's any different. Also, how much of it is positive and negative references. One thing I really don't like about Christianity, at least in the US, is how negative they portray sex and how you basically are a bad person for wanting it. Thanks Puritans! I would have thought this mentality would have died out with the crazed cult who completely abstained from sex to a point where they all, literally, died off. Good job guys!


  1. Greetings!
    While this list of course, gives the Quran a nice image, I do not think this is a correct representation of these words. I would like to think so, but there is much description in the Quran about sex, alone, besides the other words on this list. And, of course, the Quran is God's rules, it is a way to live your life in a manner he prescribes, so not everything in it will seem happy and good by our secular standards.
    As for matters concerning sex in Islam. I am no scholar, but God is very clear in his word that sex between a married couple is lawful and encouraged; it is not shameful. Men and women should marry, and they should find companionship in each other. This is very different from what is encouraged in fundamental Christian beliefs. Basically, the Gospel (Injil) encourages men and women to avoid marriage and companionship with each other because it distracts from one's religious devotion. Hence the fact that the most devout (nuns and priests) are celebrate. In Paul's letters to the Corinthians, he discusses matters of how it is better to not get married, to avoid sex, but if you can't, it is ok to get married. I think this is the concept that the Puritans ran off with. "I wasn't devout enough to be a nun, but I will avoid sex and the topic of sex as much as possible"

    These matters concerning sex are strongly influenced by culture as well. It is my opinion, that in many countries where Islam is the major religion, women speak freely among themselves about sex and discuss these matters openly with their daughters (in a respectable manner). I suppose it is a matter of what came first the chicken or the egg, but I do think that in countries where Christianity is the major religion, there is a strange absence of these kind of discussions, giving (especially women) the impression that it is something shameful.

  2. How the Quran was revealed and compiled by Hamza Yusuf

  3. Thanks for the comments! That's some great insight into the topic Stephanie, thanks! I figured that list was selectively chosen for a purpose, so I took it with a grain of salt...or two.