Saturday, September 12, 2009

Pie and Posting

I need to not post at night time. "Ich have schwer Wanderlust. Schade :/" Ich have? Seriously?! That could have been just a typo, but really now?!

Ich habe schwer Wanderlust! Und kann ich nicht schreiven :( Sehr schade....

I was listening to a news report on YouTube last night in German. I could understand about half of it, the guy was talking really fast, but his wife was easier to understand. I would love to go and live in Germany for a few months to improve my German. I feel like I'm losing it every day.

I'm cooking a shepherd's pie right now. It's lentil and turkey, not lamb, since I had turkey and lentils and not much lamb. Unfortunately, I am out of eggs and I have no half and half, so making the mashed potatoes will be interesting. I think I'm going to have to run out to the store. The pie in the picture is not mine, by the way, since there are obviously no lentils in it and mine is still stewing right now.

Today is supposed to be golfing day, since last weekend was horrible, and the week before SOMEONE didn't wake up in time! We'll see how that does since it's 12:30 right now.

One last thing, I have an official blog follower! :O! Yeah...I know! Not just a stalker blog follower *guilty look*, but an official one! Thanks!

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