Friday, September 18, 2009

You have to watch this video!

Ok everyone NEEDS to watch this video!

Isn't that awesome?! Right...?! got got rick rolled...and then that jerk Kanye had to go and interrupt it! I'm way too funny for my own good....

Looks like Rick isn't the only one to by Kanye-rupted.

Ok, back to less ridiculous things now. My husband and I went to visit his family yesterday. It was nice, as visits there usually are. His aunt and grandma and two cousins and one of the cousin's wife were there too, plus the family I normally see. The one thing I hate about family gatherings like that is praying time. Someone always has to say grace before we eat. That's fine and all, but why can't anyone be like "hey, so, is there anyone who's, oh I don't know, NOT Christian?" because I would be more than happy to not awkwardly stand there and quietly say "aumn...." when they're finished so I sound like I said but but I'm really thinking more like "aumnna jump out the window". Maybe it just seems especially rude/offensive that I'm more or less forced to participate because there are people there who know I'm not Christian. So...yeah. Just thought I would complain a little there....

Besides that, things were good, as usual.

Count down until NY! He has his interview on Wednesday, I bought the ticket the other day and just booked the hotel. Ah I'm going to miss him! I think I might go around and take some pictures and stuff tomorrow. It's supposed to be a really nice day, which means the lake (Lake Washington) is even more beautiful than usual, so that would be something nice to do. I will post pictures if I do.

I have a lot of steamed trout in the fridge. I brought two trout to dinner last night, thinking other people would eat it too, yeah...I guess I'm the only one who doesn't eat chicken that isn't halal. Go figure....

If anyone knows some recipes that use steamed trout, let me know. I need to figure out something to do with it all! I think tomorrow is going to be fish tacos...but I have to figure out what to do with the rest!

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